Friday, February 10, 2012

Trip to AC

I took a trip to a relatively new vineyard in American Canyon today. This acreage is planted to a musque clone of Sauvignon Blanc, sometimes also referred to as Sauvignon Musque. Musque is an aromatic version of Blanc, and it is responsible for some of the cult Sauvignons from Napa Valley (Arietta, Araujo), which is what led me here. The land is tended by Oak Knoll Farming, with whom I've had a good relationship the past three years, but the risk is whether this varietal will mature properly this far south in Napa Co. One thing I find incredibly interesting about these hills east of the city of American Canyon is the high percentage of yellow sandstone and limestone in the soil. I'll be tasting samples of past vintages over the next two days to determine whether we bring this vineyard online for Crosby Roamann in 2012. Right now it looks like we will at least try an experimental small lot.

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