Saturday, October 24, 2015

KIA Recalled Many SUV KIA Sorento in US

Kia Motors America attract 377 thousand units over the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Kia Sorento models 2011, 2012, and 2013 in the United States. The model considered having problems in the transmission system components. Best looking cars in the world

Bulletin of the National Institute for Highway Safety (NHTSA) reported by The Car Connection, Friday (16/10/2015), refer to the components of the transmission is broken so the car has the potential to continue to roll as the transmission gear in neutral position. The component in question is a brake-shift interlock produced by SL Tennessee, USA. Best looking cars USA

NHTSA said that if the driver is too strong when moving the gear lever to change gear, the interlock will retak.Walhasil, if parked on an incline, the vehicle could roll away, injuring passengers, people or other vehicles.

The car is considered problematic are the models produced between October 19, 2009 and January 31, 2013. The number reached 377 062 cars.

Kia claims to have received 54 warranty claims related to the problem, as well as 14 complaints from car owners. Even three people were reported injured as a result of the problems, one of them admitted due to a car that rolls and menabrkan child, causing the child's legs fractured. best looking cars under 50k

Kia will send a notice of withdrawal to the owner on 24 November 2015. Upon receipt of such notice, the owner can send their cars to the dealership to get a fix.

Tips to Win the Coloring Competition for Kids

Event Coloring Contest is very crowded and much in demand by most children. Organizing this event has been chosen by the sponsor / organizer because enthusiastic participants were quite high. In Bandung, this race event can be said every weekend is always present with different providers. Starting from the mall, company, event organizer, to educational institutions organize similar events. Therefore, for parents who feel they have a gifted child, it has become a personal obligation to enter their children into the studio image. coloring pages for kids.

The hope is certain, so that their children can excel in a variety of competition in the crowded agenda. For some parents, once a week dropping their children to the race event has become rutinan agenda. In fact, sometimes there is a parent who is obsessed to the point of taking a child day 2 times the contest was 'served'. Here, we give a little Secret Tips and Tricks, we provide free of charge for visitors of this website. Hopefully it can be the foundation for your child while following the event perlombaan.Tips & Tricks Winning Coloring Contest for your kids! Hope it is useful..

1. Try / make sure your child is at maximum conditions while following the race. "Mood" poor child would cause the results of your child's image less than the maximum. The day before the race cultivated enough sleep. In order for the next morning your child on excellent stamina. Never force your child to follow the race event. Especially when your child is very rejected. Better undo your intention to join the race and replace him with another interesting agenda. coloring books for kids

2. Remind your child to add image objects before the race begins. One of the most important assessment criteria / very burdensome someone won a coloring contest is creativity. First creativity in coloring. Both creativity in adding objects gambar.Kreatifitas in coloring one of them is how to color gradation (color mixing) and creativity in the selection of colors. Cultivated color selection adjacent to the object has a different color, so it is not too dominant in one color. Obviously the more variety, the better the color of the judgment. In our workshop, students will be taught how to dye technique in a way gradation and color selection, as well as other various staining techniques secret .. :). The kreatitifas in adding the image object for example by adding objects people, animals, vehicles, plants (trees, shrubs, etc.), buildings or sky. Surely this addition should be tailored to the theme of the image that has been provided by the committee. printable coloring pages in pdf format

3. Do not interfere when the race has already begun. Let him self with creativity and ability. When the race started, there are some parents are busier than children who follow the race itself. From the start of the busy reminding her of the time, choosing the right color even let anyone interfere in coloring. Surely this attitude is very excessive and unwise. Competition in the arena is not just looking for a winner, but also a learning about self-reliance, healthy competition, the courage of children, and even learn to learn new tricks from other competitors. So what should parents do is give children confidence in themselves entirely to complete its task. However the outcome, good or bad, win or lose, should have to be realized as a learning process that must be overcome with good. The sad thing sometimes happens. In some events there are several candidates race champion who had to be disqualified because the act and the hands of his own parents. Moreover, the organizers are very strict supervision. No matter how good results if the child looks directed by a parent / teacher they will be deemed void even if only briefly. Tnetunya it is not expected by the child, you as a parent or as an organizing committee.

4. Teach your child about time management.

5. Finishing

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lowongan Kerja BUMN Pertamina Terbaru

Lowongan Kerja BUMN Pertamina Terbaru

Semangat pencari kerja sesama sepanjang pagi , mengikuti semua informasi pekerjaan , informasi pekerjaan berikut datang dari salah satu manajer pensiun dan merupakan perusahaan terkemuka di Indonesia dengan bisnis inti dalam pendanaan modal ventura , yaitu PT Pertamina Dana Ventura atau PDV .Perusahaan profil Anda dapat melihat sebagai follows.PDV pertama kali didirikan pada tahun 1975 sebagai Yayasan Tabungan & Dana Pensiun ( YATAPENA ) . Nama PT Pertamina Dana Ventura resmi diluncurkan pada tahun 2004. PDV berbasis di Jakarta dan kantor pusatnya terdaftar di Jl Medan Merdeka Timur No 11 Gambir , Jakarta 10110. Dalam hal kinerja keuangan , PDV menutup tahun bisnis 2014 dengan hasil positif .
Sejalan dengan program ekspansi yang terus menerus , PT Pertamina Dana Ventura sedang mencari individu yang luar biasa untuk mengisi posisi sebagai berikut

Lowongan Kerja Pertamina Terbaru: Analis Kelayakan Usaha


Usia maksimal 32 tahun.
Minimum S1, diutamakan jurusan Ekonomi Keuangan.
Lulus dari universitas terkemuka dengan IPK min. 275.
Setidaknya 3 tahun pengalaman di bidang menyalurkan kredit / pembiayaan di bidang keuangan / perbankan atau perusahaan keuangan lainnya, terutama dalam menangani pembiayaan ritel, modal kerja, bagi hasil.
Pengetahuan yang kuat dan understaing baik tentang analis risiko dan kelayakan investasi dan restrukturisasi kredit / pembiayaan.
Lebih disukai memiliki sertifikat keahlian dalam kredit / pembiayaan analis dan manajemen risiko.
Tampan, ramah, aktif, mandiri dan komunikatif.
Pengetahuan operasi dari komputer, MS Office dan aplikasi internet.

Info Lowongan Kerja Paling Baru

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silakan lihat sumber resmi dari Jobstreet pada link berikut di bawah ini. Jika Anda tertarik untuk bekerja di PT Pertamina Dana Ventura dan telah memenuhi persyaratan seperti yang disebutkan di atas, silakan mengirimkan aplikasi Anda secara langsung melalui sistem Jobstreet ini di PDV - Jobstreet.apply
Tanggal penutupan 21 calon Oktober 2015.Only yang memenuhi kualifikasi di atas akan terpilih.